Praying for our Community

During these recent times, our world has been faced with many tribulations. The world has thrown us many scares over the centuries from the war on drugs to pandemics. This latest pandemic has affected us all in one way or another. Many people have found themselves out of work and scared about how they will take care of their loved ones. I wanted to take a moment and let our community know that I am praying for everyone during these times and hope that you would do the same. I know that our community is a great community built from a long history of people helping one another. I only ask that our community continues doing so and we will overcome these hardships together.

God Bless
Sheriff Kenny Stradley

Message from the Sheriff

Welcome to our new website. Posting information on our website improves the efficiency of the Sheriff's Office by reducing the number of inquiry calls handled by our office. This tool allows us to devote more resources to the safety and security of our citizens. Our intent is for every county resident to visit the site and become familiar with how to locate sex offenders, how to submit a crime tip and where to find the latest news and updates from the Sheriff's Office.

The website remains a "work in progress" so please check back periodically to see what we have added.