The Civil Process Division handles the service of legal documents issued by the courts. The Civil Process Division is composed of a civilian supervisor, a civilian technician and four full time deputy sheriffs. The following is a list of some of the types of documents we routinely handle:

Summons and Notices
Small Claims Orders
Public Notices
Emergency Protective Orders
Eviction Processes
Divorce Petitions
Child Support Petitions
Tax Warrants

We receive many phone calls with questions regarding the eviction process. To assist you in understanding the rights of landlords and tenants, we suggest you review Title 41 of the Oklahoma State Statutes. Title 41 can be located here:   Oklahoma Title 41: Landlord and Tenant

Our division also serves process for persons living in Comanche County, Oklahoma of courts from another county or state. Such process are referred to as "foreign service". The following items are needed for us to execute foreign service:

a. Cover letter with instructions about what type of paperwork we need to serve. Please include a notation if the process needs to be served personally or if alternate service is acceptable. Include in your cover letter as much information as possible about the person to be served such as full name, address, phone number, place of employment, social security number, date of birth and/or any other information you may have.

b. One copy of the document(s) to be served.

c. Return of Service for our officer to complete

d. Self-addressed stamped envelope for the return

e. $50 Service Fee (Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted) There is NO initial fee for service of emergency protective orders.

f. Mail To:

315 SW 5th, Rm 102
Lawton, OK 73501

If you have any further questions, please contact: 580-250-2506.

Within the Civil Process Division is the Extradition Unit. This unit is responsible for the apprehension of fugitives wanted by Comanche County. Once a fugitive is located or arrested, the Extradition Unit makes the necessary arrangements to return the fugitive back to Comanche County. If the fugitive chooses to fight the extradition process, a Governor's Warrant may be required. (A Governor's Warrant is a warrant personally signed by the Governor of the State of Oklahoma and is addressed to the Governor of the state where the fugitive is located.) The Extradition Unit is composed of the Civil Process Division Supervisor, Jessica Mullinex, Civil Division Supervisor, Lt. Donnie Hanson, and four transportation Deputies.

Please note, for security reasons, the Comanche County Sheriff's Office cannot release information concerning the movement of a fugitive.